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mazatapec mushroom

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Everything you need to know about the mazatapec mushroom | Buy mazatapec mushroom online

Firstly Another fantastic cubensis from Mexico is these psilocybe cubensis magic mushroom Mazatepec collected by the Mazatec Indians near Huautla de Jimenez, Mexico buy mazatapec mushroom. Secondly A little history on psilocybin mushrooms, it was these very shamans from Mexico. That helped make psilocybe mushrooms known to the world. mazatapec mushroom for sale

Thirdly Back in 1956 a mushroom enthusiast named Gordon Wasson took a team of researchers. To Huatla de Jiminez Mexico to learn about psilocybe mushrooms. And the shamanic ceremonies of the now famous shaman Maria Sabina. Fourthly Time Life magazine published their story and pictures in Life magazine in. 1957 and the world became aware of these sacred mushrooms. There are many things that make the Mazatapec magic mushrooms very popular strain and in this blog post we’ll take a closer look at those reasons. The first thing you need to know is that there are two main types of Mexican Magic Mushrooms: the Mazatapec strain and the Mexican strain.  Both are very appreciated by first-time psychonauts because they are great for a first experience to ‘enter in contact’ with the magic mushrooms world, especially if you are into spiritual experiences.  Moreover, they have been used by Mexican Indians for generations. Let’s take a closer look buy mazatapec mushroom. The exotic Mazatapec strain is a psilocybe cubensis, a species of psychedelic mushroom whose main active elements are psilocybin and psilocin. . As a matter of fact It’s a very interesting story that can be read in a great book on the subject is Sacred Mushroom Seeker. Tributes to R. Gordon Wasson. In the near future, we will posting the very issue from Time Life 1957 for you all to read. Moreover Some other species of spores we carry from the sacred mushrooms used in the famous shaman ceremonies by. Maria Sabina are the ps. Mexicana. And we occasionally carry spores from ps. zapotecorum, ps. caerulescens and ps. aztecorum.

Characteristics of  Mazatapec magic mushroom

Beside The true name should be Mazatec Cubensis Mushroom Spores. Their is another strain of cubensis spores floating around called the Huautla de Jimenez cubensis, that we used to carry, but it’s different from this Mazatapec cubensis spores. The mazatapec is the better strain of the two. mazatapec mushroom strain for sale, psilocybe cubensis spores, shroom spores, mazatapec mushroom review, psilocybe azurescens spores. These days travelling is a difficult undertaking but luckily the shroom bros bring so many different countries together and this time it is lovely Mexico again! The first thing you need to know is that there are two main types of Mexican Magic Mushrooms: the Mazatapec strain and the Mexican strain. Both are very appreciated by first-time psychonauts because they are great for a first experience to ‘enter in contact’ with the magic mushrooms world, especially if you are into spiritual experiences. Moreover, they have been used by Mexican Indians for generations. There are more similarities than differences between these two types of mushrooms. The main similarity is of course that they both come from Mexico and that they are both used by the Mazatec indigenous people, a tribe that comes from the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico, the region that introduced magic mushrooms to the world. The Mazatec have a long tradition of using magic mushrooms for spiritual and ritualistic use. They eat the magic mushrooms only at night because they believe that if they eat them in daylight they will go mad. Do you dare test their belief? 😉 The Mazatapec magic mushrooms still have the wildlife of middle America in their genes, so you can expect large flushes with brown caps. As aforementioned these shrooms are perfect for beginners who seek a more spiritual trip. Our dosage recommendations are 1g for beginners (gradually increase the dosage to increase effect), between 2g and 3g is considered a good margin for the average user (depending on your size and weight) and 3g+ for experienced users. As always, be careful mixing these shrooms with other psychoactive substances! Enjoy and if you’d like, leave us a review on these brand new babies!

Effects of mazatapec mushroom

If you are into the spiritual side of magic mushrooms, you will enjoy these two types of cubensis as they tend to deliver a very powerful spiritual journey. We’ve heard a lot of great feedback from people over time on this one having very beautiful visions after embracing its gift. Some say Mazatapec magic mushrooms are very gentle on the body, it does not bring down the temperature of the body as much and does not make you grind your teeth as much as other strains, and this is what allows you to concentrate more on the spiritual effects.  In regards to the Mexicana Cubensis, many users prefer it for their first experiences because they offer a complete psychoactive experience with a gentle impact in the body. You’ll feel joy, fun and euphoria and experience visual hallucinations just with approximately 5 grams of fresh mushrooms and 15 minutes after consuming it. The effects enlarge your creativity and original thoughts, your social behavior and good feelings. You’ll get visuals hallucinations, both with opened and closed eyes: shapes colors variations, as well as fractals and forms.

Mazatapec dosage guide | mazatapec mushroom for sale

The typical dose for most magic mushrooms is between 1 and 2.5 grams of dried shrooms, you can find the perfect magic mushroom dosage using EROWID’s dosage calculator.

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